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The newest update to the highly popular game creation engine Unity is upon us, and with it comes some intriguing new features.

Among the numerous improvements and optimizations for the plethora of multiplatform functions Unity provides, the update also brings easier access to a wide variety of Unity Services, straight from a dedicated “Services Window”. These include the Unity Ads service, which allows the easy embedding of advertisements in created games, most likely for use with free mobile titles; Unity Cloud Build, which allows new builds of a game to be streamed to multiple developer devices and to fellow team members automatically; Unity Multiplayer, which makes implementing multiplayer modes easier by offering “Multiplayer Relay” and “Matchmaker Server” services across a wide range of devices and more.

One of the update’s most interesting features comes from the new deployment options available – which includes one Project Morpheus. Unity 5.2 will apparently have better management of Virtual Reality headset tech, which should translate to easier implementation of Oculus Rift and Sony’s upcoming VR device in future Unity titles. Fresh horror titles packed with the scariest VR jumpscares ever await!

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at game design or simply want an introduction to the processes behind game creation, Unity 5 stands alongside Unreal Engine 4 as one of the better engines to do just that.

Unity 5.2 can be downloaded from here. If you’ve already got Unity 5, you can update to the latest version and view a full changelog from here.

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