Okay, so this may only be exciting to people with a slight obsession with reading books that wig them out a bit, and the macabre, like me, but Dragon Con ushered in a new sub-genre this year via a late night panel. It’s called Dreadpunk and it sounds glorious.

So, what is Dreadpunk?  High level, it’s a place for dark fantasy/horror stories.  Similar in its naming to Steampunk, which is technology and fantasy set in Victorian style, Dreadpunk focuses on dread and horror in the same vein of story telling.  It’s a place where Bellatrix Lestrange would be completely at home.

Dreadpunk’s current home on these here internets is at dreadpunk.com, which has been set up and is maintained by Derek Tatum, director of Dragon Con’s horror track this year.

Here’s a starter guide – First, go flip through the site.  Second, read the rules:


Third, watch Penny Dreadful.  That’s the perfect example of Dreadpunk.  Then get excited, because I can totally see myself up all night, curled up with a book because my over-active imagination and I are too afraid to sleep.  And loving every second of it.

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What is that header painting?? I've seen it before but I can't remember where.