As surely as the sun rises and the wind blows, another MMO has gone down the free-to-play path. WildStar, the sci-fi MMO from Carbine Studios has recently announced that they will be switching to the F2P model, and will begin on September 29.

Along with this change, they also plan to bring WildStar its biggest update yet titled, WildStar Reloaded, which brings revised game systems and all new brand spanking content to the game.

In light of other MMO’s going F2P in the past, most recently being The Elder Scrolls Online, it will be interesting to see if this change will bring positive or negative changes to the game. Personally, I played the game during its first few months but became bored with it, mostly due to not having anybody to play it with. Now my friends can’t use the “it’s too expensive” excuse and will be forced to play it with me!

Check out the trailer above to grasp the full concept.

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