The first major expansion for the Witcher 3, Hearts of Stone will be releasing on October 13th, CD Projekt RED has announced.

Hearts of Stone sees Geralt of Rivia’s return into the Wilds of No Mans Land and Oxenfurt. Geralt has been hired to hunt down a bandit named Olgierd von Everec who possesses the power of immortality. Your choices during the game will effect how the story plays out.

This DLC will include over 10 hours of content featuring all new characters, bizarre monsters and unique romances.

Hearts of Stone will be available digitally on all platforms but also in a physical limited edition set. The set includes a code for the DLC, Collectors box, 2 sets of Gwent cards and a Gwent guide

This edition will cost $19.99, alternatively a season pass is available for $24.99 which will also include Blood and Wine, the 20 hour expansion to be released in 2016.

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