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The Witcher Series Available with a Heavy Discount on GOG.com

Hefty (and temporary) discounts offered on The Witcher series


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the two previous games in the series and the digital adaptation of the board game are available for purchase at GOG.com, with slashed price tags. A subsidiary of CD Projekt, GOG (formerly Good Old Games) is offering a hefty 46% discount if you purchase the complete series in a bundle.

For any of you that have yet to sample The Witcher series, think Game of Thrones with more magic, monsters and near equal amounts of nudity. Power struggles, player choice and consequence runs rampant. Your decisions deciding the fate of villages, entire cities and even the world itself. Witchers are males trained from an early age as professional monster hunters, undergoing gruelling mutations which only 3 in 10 boys survive. The Path awaits you, yet you may find that the demons you hunt are not the only monsters that inhabit the world around you.

Gamers who want to go back to the beginning of Geralts’ story (in the video games at least) can grab The Witcher Trilogy plus the digital board game for a few pennies past the forty pounds mark. You will also be given a small percentage off of future purchases through the website. But make your decision quick, these discounts are on a countdown.

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