WWE 2K16 has seen a few major changes over its predecessor from last year, including an expanded roster, a more interesting idea for Showcase and the return of missing matches and creation suite tools that made WWE 2K15 feel a bit barebones. This weekend, a new video emerged detailing some of the flashy new bells and whistles from MyCareer, which to be honest, was the worst mode in the last game.

In 2K15, you created a character using the (frankly terrible) CAW tool, entered the performance center to build up your skills and then ran the gauntlet of NXT, Smackdown and Raw as your tight-wearing grappler leveled up to the point of being invincible, repeating the same dark and tune up matches while top-level management whinged at you from the sidelines. It ended abruptly (and thankfully) when you secured the WWE Championship and that was about the entire makeup of the mode. Truly something to chew on, but also one of the most lackluster career modes in any WWE game to date.

From the footage in the video above however, there seems to be a lot of additions that give your CAW a few elements of decent interactivity, hopefully giving you the chance to really inject some personality into your man in shiny pants.

Yes, you should look ashamed to sport that man-bun.

Backstage interviews with Renee Young seem to shape your heel/face choices. In ring actions and interactive cut scenes seem to be the main hook this year in progressing your story and deciding allies and rivalries and the chance to reach the Hall of Fame through the use of an extensive achievement list just adds to the many ways you can reach the top of the business.

It actually sounds like 2K listened to the fans issues with last year’s MyCareer and worked hard to iron out the blandness that the mode offered. It also may just be replayable with the many different paths that you can take your character down, considering you can stay in one brand for as long as you wish, or work your way to the summit, leaving mangled, Hell in a Cell damaged bodies in your wake (hopefully).

‘Fanshionistas’ can also rejoice, as you can kit your grappler out with one of those dodgy man-buns… Can’t wait to stomp a mudhole in a CAW sporting one online. Have a look at the video above to see lead game designer, Ramelle Ballesca explain everything in much better detail.

WWE 2K16 will be out on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on the 27th of October (US) and the 30th for the rest of the world.

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