Some WWE fans are in a state about recent news that WWE 2K16 will not feature some of the more prominent female wrestlers currently competing on the world’s top grappling brand.

While many say that Charlotte had already underwent the scanning very early on in the development process, some issues have arisen that have cancelled out her appearance, along with Becky Lynch, Bayley and Sasha Banks, making up some of the better Divas competition from NXT currently heading the Diva Revolution that has shaken up female wrestling recently.

Whatever the problem, 2K have at least come forward and said that we won’t be seeing them in any form, including DLC throughout the lifespan of WWE 2K16, leaving fans a bit pissed off but knowledgeable that they’ll probably be able to recreate their fantasy Diva matches this year with the Create-A-Diva function.

20150526_NXTDivas_LIGHT_HPIt’s a shame that even this news will not stem the tide of anger from hardcore Reality era fans, despite the fact that the caws.ws community will probably be on hand to do some damage control. While there are already thirteen Divas on the game’s roster, this is not enough for the baying crowd.

Quite surprising, as the Diva matches tend to be a little less fun than the normal brawls in WWE games. No blood, no mixed tags and no interference from managers of the female persuasion for years has stunted the games from being a bit closer to the real life (okay, kafabe) drama of the world of wrestling entertainment. Maybe it’s time 2K stopped with the ‘Can’t be seen to be hurting women’ attitude and just offer it up and see what the results are. After all, these women train just as hard as the fellas to get where they are.

While it’s an issue for some, I’m just happy that I can finally play as most of my favourite heels and faces from the Attitude era, especially the Nation of Domination and can always hit the CAD mode to add in Chyna, Sunny and Sable with no harm done… Hopefully there are more hair options this year to get the right look.

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Katie W
Katie W

No excuse what so ever to not include 4 of the key roster members of WWE/NXT over the past year. 2k can put in NXT guys that were featured far less but can't do the women that were stealing some of the shows. Total BS. I can't believe 2k have the nerve to condone it by saying they have given us the largest diva roster ever at 13, lol what a joke, have you seen the list? The majority of that list no one will want to play as anyway. Fans wanted the real female wrestlers to play as this… Read more »

Paul Graham
Paul Graham

While I agree that maybe they should be catering to fans of all eras, the roster only has a few repeated characters and all will be different models. It's still the largest list of wrestlers in a WWE game to date. I understand the annoyance of fans that miss out on their favourite Divas every year too. I just want to see them fully implemented into the 2K universe as being able to get in the same ring as the male superstars. It seems every year that Divas are nerfed. That's including the terrible movesets full of slaps and hair… Read more »