As developers start to make the most of the new-generation of consoles, those still squeezing the last bits of life out of the last-gen consoles will start to lose out on some features. That’s exactly the case with FIFA 16, but thankfully EA has been pretty upfront about it.

If you’re hoping to get the new football title for your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 later this year, you’ll sadly be missing out on a number of features, though the relatively small list doesn’t really leave out any game-changers.

Here’s the full list offered by EA Games in their blog post:

  • Creation Centre
  • Custom Music and Chants
  • The FIFA Interactive World Cup (available on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One)
  • GameFace
  • In-game presentation with Jeff Stelling (also removed from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC)
  • Match Lobbies
  • Secondary English commentary with Clyde Tyldesley and Andy Townsend.

That being said, FIFA 16 on last-gen consoles still come with a good selection of features including 13 modes such as Career, Be a Pro, and the Women’s International Cup. They can also make the most of some of the game’s gameplay tweaks which have been thrown into the latest version of the game.

FIFA 16 launches on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 on September 22.

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