If you’ve been into gaming for some time, you’ll probably have a few games that you were looking forward to which never saw light of day. You’re probably also aware that games are often made which never get announced, one of those games is an unannounced South Park game which some lucky fella found on their recently purchased Xbox dev kit.

This recent purchase wasn’t as recent as you’d think, actually. In fact, the Internet has known about the game since last August where Qixmaster, the owner of the console, posted on the NintendoAge forum about it.

The game, Qixmaster noted, was very buggy and in places just didn’t work. It was incredibly incomplete but it’s pretty cool to see. They described it as a cross between GTA and Simpson’s Hit & Run, with players having free-roam of the world of South Park, though a lot of textures are missing.

YouTube user HappyConsoleGamer has since managed to get a more thorough look at the game and has released a video which you can see below.

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As you can see the game is barely playable with textures popping everywhere, gameplay itself is sketchy, and parts of the game hardly even work, but it’s interesting to see a game such as this at this stage in development.

There’s also a few details about the developer thrown in there, though it seems they’ve been absorbed into the mobile gaming studio Zynga so there’s no chance of this game ever being completed.

Fortunately at E3 this year, Ubisoft revealed a new South Park title which follows on from South Park: The Stick of Truth entitled South Park: The Fractured But Whole, so you’re not totally left out of South Park goodness.

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