Bethesda have given us a sneak peek at the upcoming book “The Art of Fallout 4”, which is set to be released after the game’s launch on December 22.

The book comes with a selection of concept art from Bethesda and looks to give insight on the creation of the world of Fallout 4.

In their preview post on their blog, along with samples of some of the different artwork that will be found in the book, they have posted the foreword written by Fallout 4’s lead artist Istvan Pely.

Along with outlining the creative process of the team behind the game he had this to say:

“After years of living in this place, our playground and our home, we open the gates and invite millions to enter and play. This book is an opportunity for us to share with you a bit of the history behind this world, how it has evolved over those years, and why some of the artistic choices were made.”

You can preorder the book now from Bethesda’s online store for $50 (USD).

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