In recent years Domino’s has been re-inventing it’s brand and product by adding apps to consoles, changing it’s name and logo, and making it possible to order via emoji – but it all seems to have now culminated with the restaurant’s new perfect pizza delivery vehicle, the DXP.

The re-purposed fuel-efficient Chevy Spark delivery vehicles have had tons of features baked in to make sure your pepperoni, sausage, and black olive pizza* makes it to you safe, warm, and in good time. Equipped with features like a warming oven kept at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the ability to hold up to 80** pizzas, and a light up ‘Out for Delivery’ sign, these new vehicles are sure to turn some heads and make delivery drivers’ lives easier.

Drivers can also customize the vehicle with stickers “similar to jets” where a call sign, name, and home base can displayed on the door. Upon opening the personalized door, drivers will also have a light display the Domino’s logo on the ground to help illuminate the path for them.

There are currently 97 of these future pizza transports on the roads in the US, so be on the lookout.

*Anyone saying this isn’t the best combo of toppings is a liar and has no taste

**In order to corroborate this claim, I’m going to need someone to order me 80 pizzas, please. It’s the responsible journalistic thing to do, I swear. 

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