GoPro Drone Prototype Footage is Silky Smooth

GoPro wants to cut out the middle-man and give you a levitating camera right out of the box

About a year ago, it was rumored that GoPro was working on a drone of its own, to combat the likes of DJI in the soon-to-come quadcopter apocalypse. Well, they’ve now released the first footage from their prototype.

In the video above, GoPro states that no post production stabilization was added to the footage, and if true, it looks pretty amazing. DJI and other companies make a great drone though, and until more details come out it’s hard to say one way or another that this will be a game-changer in the market.

However, with new drone registration requirements by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the U.S. aimed to be in place by the holidays, the new product may be too-little-too-late to be competitive. Some industry analysts are predicting a decline in sales once registration is required, but others say the FAA’s missed deadline this year on more concrete legislation around drones is a sign the registration program may be riddled with issues pushing it well in 2016.

Obviously only time will tell how the FAA regulations will affect the market for drones, but until then GoPro is set to make a big reveal in 2016, and will most likely take huge advantage of the massive advertising infrastructure it already has in place to get a hot start.

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