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GoPro stabilizer Aetho Aeon surges over Indiegogo goal

Make beautiful GoPro video with help from a beautiful new tool.

For anyone in the know, getting steady handheld GoPro footage can be a real pain in the you-know-what.

For those not in the know, it’s a pretty indescribable frustration I can only liken to spilling your tea or coffee, literally every time you pour a new cup. Well, new stabilization product from Aetho called the Aeon plans to change that in some big ways.

Launched in the last week of September, the Aeon’s original Indiegogo campaign goal of $50,000 USD was surpassed in a matter of days. At the time of writing, it’s sitting at a healthy $81,754 USD, and that’s with 37 days to go.

It's like, almost a Halo plasma pistol, right?
It’s like, almost a Halo plasma pistol, right?

Aetho promises to make “video worth watching” through stabilization made simple, while also trying to make an aesthetically pleasing and uncomplicated product for film makers new and old. Their product, the Aeon, uses a slew of tweaked methods of electronic stabilization through a gimbal system (much like ones used for all those fancy drone videos that have become popular), that begin with it’s main stabilization chip, which can sense more than 1,000 movements per second with a three axis accelerometer. These measurements then send commands for stabilization to multiple areas of the handheld stabilizer electronically.

To feed the smoothness, the unit packs a USB rechargeable battery that will last a reported five hours (it takes two hours to fully charge) which is well beyond one typical GoPro battery cycle. Some may seem this as a disadvantage, given most traditional mid-level stabilization systems rely on a simple weight/balance ratio, and will last as the unit is intact. However, unlike electronic units like this or others, often those manual units require many small corrections or tweaks to get the weight just right, which for many typical GoPro shooters may be too much of a hassle.

The tiny round LCD display is an incredible feature and idea.
The tiny round LCD display is an incredible feature and idea.

One of the most interesting features of this device is the small LCD display screen and thumbstick controller. This allows the camera operator to not only see what’s at the center of the GoPro’s attention (something most models of GoPro cameras don’t even have the ability to do without an $80.00 accessory), but also to control the camera’s orientation. If your subject is on the move, as many GoPro subjects often are, you won’t lose them in the fray.

Joystick, so gamers like me don't ever have to live 100% in the real world.
Joystick & USB charger, so gamers like me don’t ever have to live 100% in the real world.

Aeon can also be affixed to pretty much any official GoPro accessory as well. So break out the selfie sticks, or throw the unit on your skateboard mount that always looks so shaky when you use it.

The brains of the entire operation is a CPU that packs a 32 bit processor, making sure all the movement data is sent ASAP to the gimbals on the unit, so you almost never see severe bumps or displeasing video.

Price is a concern for the average user however, sitting at $324 USD for the current backing level. The true shelf price has yet to be finalized, but will almost assuredly be higher than $350 USD. More serious clients can also get five or ten unit packs for a slight discount.

This seems to be an item geared more toward the high-end of GoPro users, but it’s sure to attract the likes of many extreme sport athletes, YouTubers, and enthusiasts alike.

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