Reed is rather stretchy, isn’t he? Where are he and the Fantastic Four going? Well, it’s hard to know right now as The Fantastic Four are kind of hanging in limbo.

A total misfire of a movie has meant it could be a long time until we see another movie involving the awesome foursome. Of course, Fox are already working a on sequel, though it’s worth noting, a sequel was planned for Green Lantern, Spider-man 3, Amazing Spider-man 2, and Batman and Robin. We know what happened those don’t we?

With the rumours that surfaced this week, it kind of ties-in into the big theory that at some point the Fantastic Four will be moving to Marvel Studios, like their supposedly neglected brother in spandex, Spider-man. Though be honest guys and girls of my age, aren’t you starting to get a little tired of this?

I mean another reboot of the Fantastic Four in our life time? It’ll be the fourth one… This our third Batman, I’ve lost count of how many Superman’s and another Spider-man.

Instead of trying to James Bond it – by trying to just change the actors and adding their own spin on the same world – it’s a bare bones reboot with a new continuity and the same villains again and again.

If you’re going to do it again. Why don’t you do it as a TV show? I mean instead of Marvel drawing out all these side stories of the stock characters who tend to be just about as useful as a Gotham City Police officer taking down Mr. Freeze.

I know I’ve said it before, but surely it’d be more interesting.  I mean, it’s better than Marvel just quietly ending the Fantastic Four post-Secret Wars and moving the team all over the shop.

Like The Thing in The Fantastic Four. Though, no Reed or Sue? Where are for art thou?

Fox and Marvel, don’t ruin this team over money. Just remember the lifelong fans who love these characters, before you act so spitefully or aggressively. Just remember them. The dudes who cherish their Fantastic Four numbers ones.

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