So it begins; the new chapter in Marvel history, a new era for Spider-man and everyone else. It’s the first ‘reboot’ in Marvel history, so what does that spell for Spider-man?

As it turns out, not a whole lot, actually.

Okay, it’s time for some context here. Since I got bored of the huge comic book mega events which we’re now treated to 3 or 4 times every year, I gave Secret Wars a miss, mostly because the press and promotion of the event irked me, as sometimes, it just proves that some people will publish anything if a PR company puts something under their nose.

Secret Wars, from what I’ve been told, is a reboot event which saw Marvel continuity re-launched to include the last profitable idea from the Ultimate line of comics, Miles Morales AKA Spider-man. Now we’re being treated to a whole new raft of number ones.

The current mould of number ones being, of course, a little bit of story and a final page which might as well read: “Don’t worry, buy the trade when it’s on sale!” So I’ve mostly avoided some of these new number ones so far, especially the ones which are bigger, being wary of how these will just try to encourage to buy  another book that it ties into.

However, I do have a soft spot of Spider-man and did rather enjoy the Big Time and the Beyond era. So I decided to pick it up.

The story  is set 8 months after Secret Wars and Peter Parker has become, as he describes himself, the poor man’s Tony Stark. A billionaire with a heart of gold, the top dog of a big company, but still struggles to buy a nice suit.

His ‘bodyguard’, Spider-man, has now been ‘tech-ed’ out with some gadgets and a new Spider-mobile equipped with vocal auto-tuning. Yes, it’s the action figure inspired Saturday morning cartoon fun which refreshes Spider-man as he swings across the world fighting crime.

It’s Exciting and fun and not dark and gritty, and for once it’s a number one with depth and detail and not just a cash-grabbing tease. Of course, it does suffer from a redundant 30-odd pages of promotions for the other Spider-man books, some of which I was already hooked on buying. Way to waste paper Marvel.

Final thought? Was this huge reboot that necessary? So far, this new Marvel Universe doesn’t seem that different…

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