Mark Norris, Senior producer of Horizon: Zero Dawn has given a feature overview of Guerilla Games’ latest action RPG.

He describes how the game is influenced by many different genres, particularly RPGs as the game includes an EXP system, Floating combat text, looting and the HP system. Crafting is also discussed, being one of the core elements of the game you can gain parts from the robotic creatures in the world and create items using them, such as specialized arrows for your bow and traps you can use around the open world.

In the trailer you can see the character you play as, who’s called Aloy, setting up tripwires, traps, and chasing a heard of Machines into them.

ThunderJaw, the major boss from the E3 trailer is also explored in more detail. The Mech-Dinosaur is extremely intricate being made out of 93 Armour plates each taking damage individually. In the game you’ll be able to rip the beast apart piece by piece. It’s attacks will also vary depending on how it’s been damaged.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is scheduled to release in 2016 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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