After the end of The International 5, Valve’s own big DOTA 2 tournament, they announced that they would be expanding to several official tournaments throughout the year in the form majors around the world. They have just released the compendium for the event, containing rewards for those purchase it.

The first of those is the Fall Majors in Frankfurt, Germany, hosted from 16th-21st November this year at Festhalle Messe and the only the finals will a ticketed event meaning anyone can go and see the other matches.

Much like the International the past few years Valve has released a compendium for the event, a digital book viewable in the DOTA 2 game client which acts a guide to the event. Advertised clearly on the main menu in the game’s client it will cost you $3.99 USD / £2.55 GBP with the option to purchase levels to unlock rewards as before.

Due to the size of the event being smaller, the rewards from this compendium are much less significant than those obtained during the International. However unlike the International the $3,000,000 prize pool for the Fall Major is static and not affected by compendium sales. This is interesting as for some the fact that they were contributing to the event by making the prize pool so large is not a factor for this event. This may make the purchase of the compendium less appealing to some.

However much like before there are a selection of cosmetic items exclusively available to compendium owners including a special courier, single items for certain heroes and also full set for others including Timbersaw and Lina. Unlike the International’s items these are not made by Valve but are in fact community submissions from the Steam Workshop.

It also contains the non-monetary methods of leveling up your compendium in the form of challenges such the 10-hero challenge (winning a game as each of a group of 10 randomly chosen heroes) and the specific challenges, such as healing X amount of damage in a single game. This mean those who have some time and less money can still enjoy the benefits of the compendium, especially as you can now buy the special event treasures with the in-game coins you earn.

Some, however, have criticized Valve for the fact that they have released this new compendium since there are still stretch goal rewards from the International 5 which have yet to see the light of day, such as the desert map and Axe Immortal item + comic, which Valve have said on the DOTA 2 blog is still being worked on. On top of that some of the rewards that can be obtained by purchasing this compendium are already in pending state, such as a the second treasure which contains more cosmetic sets and a special item for Tusk.

With some content left to be revealed it might be worth holding back for now if you’re interested in getting Fall Major compendium. However you will lose out on some time to level your compendium by completing those compendium challenges.

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