Media Molecule’s upcoming PlayStation 4 title Dreams gets a new gameplay walk through video during the PlayStation Paris Games Week 2015.

If you have been following Dreams or PlayStation’s Paris Games Week event you would have seen the latest gameplay demo for the upcoming Dreams. Alex Evans and Mark Healey of Media Molecule however sat down to record a director’s cut version of the demo to expansed and explain on some of the elements shown off.

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The above video examples how some of the different elements within Dreams will work and how players can interact with the world around them. They also example how the demo works as a tutorial of sorts to guide players into the world of Dreams and the basic functions.

There is even a look at the multiplayer and how that will work along players to not only play and create together but also to do so in real time. Given that Dreams has a very unique art style and goal allowing players to create anything and everything. Not only is it going to be a creative experience for players but also a social one at that.

Additionally the demo looks at how easy it will be for players to create anything from environments to characters and then bring them to life with ease. It’s a visually stunning demo but also an interesting one to watch as you know that everything in the demo has been hand crafted by a player. From the trees to the character, to the walls and the puzzles. Everything is created by you, the player.

Lastly it is worth noting that Media Molecule will be running a beta for Dreams happening in 2016. Though no date has been set for the beta or for the release date of Dreams but make sure to keep your eyes open for more information popping up in the coming months.

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