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Smartwatches are available in all shapes and sizes but when it comes to features, it’s essentially a one-size fits-all affair. Because of this, squeezing a bunch of features in one tiny device can mean that some things are omitted, be it battery life, or on-board memory, but what if you could combat that issue? Well BLOCKS, a new modular Smartwatch which launched on Kickstarter yesterday, hopes to do just that.

BLOCKS launched on Kickstarter yesterday and already it’s surpassed its original funding goal of $250,000. The appeal of such a smartwatch? Despite it looking and working like any other smartwatch with notifications and activity trackers, its users can add extra functionality to the watch using the modular band which comes with the watch. It may look like any ordinary watch band, but this one is made up from components which add extra features such as memory, battery life, NFC capabilities, and fingerprint sensors, to name a few.

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One big appeal, at least for me, is that I can have a watch with more productivity functions rather than fitness. As someone that runs about as much as a broken tap, having a smartwatch filled with heartbeat sensors, pedometers, GPS, and more, is a bit of a waste. Having the chance to swap some of those features out with more useful ones like an extended battery and NFC is a fantastic idea.

BLOCKS is a smartwatch that’s personal to you beyond the custom watch face.

To add to the awesomeness, the watch is fully open source meaning developers interested in building their own module for the device can do just that. What’s more, it’s compatible with Android and iOS, so it works with a huge number of smartphones and its users.

You can grab your own BLOCKS smartwatch by heading to the Kickstarter page. Watches begin at $195 for the core module or $275 for the core plus four modules of choice. So far, the total raised is in excess of $500k and it just keeps growing.

I’ll be interested to see how well it works in practice. I have really small wrists, so sadly I feel that I’d be limited to the amount of links I could add to the device. Damn me and my lady wrists.

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