Need for Speed will let you race the 2016 BMW M2 Coupé

Just please, drive better than real-life BMW drivers.

Adding to its long list of confirmed super-awesome cars, the newest Need for Speed title will also have the unreleased 2016 BMW M2.

Packing over 360 bhp, the new M series beast joins a cast of famous BMW’s that players will be whipping around the corners of Ventura Bay in EA’s anticipated Need for Speed title.

The in game car is a mirror of its real world counter part, which by all accounts will be a 6 cylinder, rear wheel drive monster. It will be fully customizable, a feature of Need for Speed titles that many series fans have missed in recent years.

Very reminiscent of past title NFS Underground, the racing game will be released on November 5th, so be sure to get your driving shoes ready for some classic NFS racing action.

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