From Software has revealed more screenshots from the third instalment in the Dark Souls series which confirm the return of various staple features such as messages, miracles, magic spells, and much more.

Dark Souls 3 is set to launch on March 24, 2016. A special network stress test is also set to be held over the next few days, with the first beginning today and will run through until October 18.

A bunch of new screenshots have been revealed, which you can see below, which show off a number of features coming to the game’s multiplayer such as how other players’ phantoms can offer hints as to what to do next, bloodstains which litter the grown showing you where other players have fallen, and how players can summon other players into their game for co-op gameplay.

The Herald of White, the Academy Assassin, the Northern Warrior, and the Wandering Knight classes are on show too. The Dark Spirit of an online player can also invade another player’s game and introduce a dangerous enemy into their world.

It all sounds pretty intense. Check out the full selection of screens below:


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