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The developers of Payday 2 haven’t made it easy for themselves as of late. First by bringing in microtransactions, then making them less… mandatory, and now in an AMA on reddit has made the situation a lot worse.

Producer Almir Listo took to reddit this weekend to try and clarify some of the comments and frustrations players have had over the recent Black Market update for Payday 2. It seems forcing players to pay for something they never asked for was a big issue, though apparently it’s all going well for Overkill Software…

Several years ago Listo addressed concerns players had over Payday 2 and microtransactions saying that it’ll never happen. That all changed as soon as microtransactions launched in the game as players were required to purchase Drills needed in order to unlock Safes. Of course, players weren’t happy.

“We didn’t see the result we anticipated, and have had to think of other ways to make sure we can continue creating content in the pace we want in order to keep PayDay 2 fresh and exciting,” Listo revealed in regards to microtransactions.

Since launch, the game has blown up and thus Overkill needed to triple its team to continue development. Then the partnership with 505 Games meant that the game needed supporting until 2017.

“We have a partnership with our partner 505 Games, where we have a deal to produce a specific amount of content until 2017. However, we at Overkill want to create more than what we and 505 Games agreed on,” he said.

“We want to do everything we can to make PayDay 2 as awesome as possible. In order to do that, we made the decision to triple the size of the crew. To ensure that we can keep the size of the team, we decided that the best approach was to introduce the Black Market update to the game.”

Elsewhere in the AMA, Listo apologised for the microtransactions, an apology that was then contradicted with the following comment:

“From an economical standpoint however, completely based on statistics, we can already see that the Black Market update is working as we intended,” he wrote. “Right now, things are looking pretty great.”

As you might expect, many referred back to his comments regarding Payday 2 and microtransactions. He defended this change in stance saying:

“At the time, there were games that were released with in-game microtransaction systems at launch; players were asked to pay for the full game, and then continue to spend money directly after the initial purchase,” Listo reasoned. “If you asked me then, there would be no way we would’ve added a system like we just did.”

Later in the AMA, Listo turned onto the media saying that articles and misinformation was one of the reasons why players were becoming angered.

“Fast forward to today, two-and-a-half years later, and the addition of the Black Market update. There’s been a lot of articles written by a lot of people claiming a lot of things about us, our intentions and the effect this has on the community as a whole and the future of PayDay 2. It’s a bit hard to take some of these people serious when you know they don’t even play the game,” he said.

“I think the problem here really is people in positions of power in media and elsewhere making uninformed, clickbait articles about things that matter a lot to a lot of people, instead of doing some serious legwork to get their facts straight.”

In response to the AMA, the Payday subreddit has since been filled with posts bidding farewell to the game and the subreddit itself, posts have even started to crop up with the title “Never buy anything with the name “Overkill”, or “Starbreeze” on it again”, hell the AMA itself has been downvoted so much that it currently has a 0 score.

For a community that’s been with Overkill from the start, the developers have done a pretty shoddy job of making sure they’re being listen to. Many members have put time and energy into the game, creating guides for others to read, detailing weapons, and much more. Yet all Overkill seem to do is screw them over when the time counts.

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