The developers of Payday 2 have released a brand new update to the PC version of the game which makes the controversial microtransaction, which was required in order for players to unlock certain loot, a little less harsh.

Last week Payday 2 fans have been pretty pissed off over a new update for the game which introduced something called “safes” these safes contained rare cosmetic upgrades for weapons which also had some stat boosting capabilities. The only issue was, players needed to spend £1.60 in order to acquire a drill capable of breaking open these safes.

As you might expect, fans weren’t too happy, especially considering prior to this Overkill Software, the developers of the game, said that the game would, in no way, shape, or form, contain microtransactions.

In a brand new update for the game these £1.60 drills will now be a part of the random loot drops which players receive after each game played making it a little easier to open the safes acquired during play. The £1.60 drills can still be purchased for those wanting to open safes a little quicker, but at least now players will be able to open them without spending a penny.

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