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5th Cell, the developer behind the anything is possible puzzle game, Scribblenauts, has revealed that they’re seeking funding for their next game, Anchors in the Drift, a free-to-play action role playing game. To do this, they’ve not headed to the usual places, instead they’ve gone to Fig, the new video-game focused crowdfunding site from Double Fine.

Much like a Kickstarter campaign, 5th Cell’s campain on Fig is offering a number of rewards at various prices in the hopes to raise $500,000 for their new game, these also include equity investments and traditional game and merch-based rewards.

Reward tiers begin at around $10 and go all the way up to $10,000. In addition Fig will also be giving a variable return on every $1,000 raised by investors.

For every $1,000 an investor invests … if the company and the game are successful, the investor may generally expect to receive: Until the investor gets their $1,000 back (on a pre-tax basis), 0.02% of the game’s net revenue (less certain deductions and exceptions); Thereafter, 0.01% of net revenue.

This, for me, is where things start to get a little confusing. Unlike Kickstarter, Fig does more than just host a campaign, it’s offering a place for investors to get into the world of video games, something they’ve proven to be quite a popular market. Though I’m totally out of the loop when it comes to the world of business and finance…

Back to the game, according to the campaign video, the game will see “an interdimensional empire has invaded Earth through time, causing islands from different civilizations to be divided across a quantum ocean known as The Drift. Now heroes from all generations, known as Anchors, must liberate these islands.”

The game itself looks a little like your typical MOBA, but with the addition of customisable cards which players can use to create new skills for their heroes.

It looks like a pretty fantastic game, actually, and you can become a part of making it happen. For just $10 you’ll get automatic access to the game’s beta, which isn’t that bad!

Check out the Fig campaign here.

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