Super Meat Boy devs hint at Cooking up Wii U version

Insert hilarious meat pun here!


Team Meat, other than having a great name for a studio, have hinted pretty heavily in a recent blog post about the future of Super Meat Boy.

In their October 6th blog post celebrating Super Meat Boy’s release onto PS4 and Vita, Team Meat programmer Tommy Refenes humbly listed out paragraph after paragraph of thank-yous, but noted in the last sentence the game would (probably) be coming to the Wii U.

[su_quote cite=”Tommy Refenes” url=””]To the fan’s we’re still excluding I’ll leave you with this: Wii haven’t forgotten about U.

Normally we take hints and speculation with a pretty large grain of salt, but this seems about as legitimate as can be that the devs will at least be attempting to port their title over.

However, it is interesting given the answer to an F.A.Q. inquiry on their site about future platform launches still says “No, Super Meat Boy is out on every platform that it is ever going to come out on.”

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