Okay, Whovians… Try not to panic, as none of this has been confirmed by anyone that matters, all right? Take a deep breath.

With Jenna Coleman, the Doctor’s current companion already confirmed as leaving the show, the rumour mill (via the UK’s Mirror) is also reporting that Peter Capaldi is contemplating leaving the series as well. Capaldi plays the current Doctor, for those who are not familiar with the series. The speculative reasoning behind him leaving is because he wants to spend more time with family.

There is also the fact that, according to the BBC, while still popular, Doctor Who’s viewing audience is shockingly low. The panic light for the studio execs was at 4 million viewers, and Doctor Who is closer to 2 million currently. On top of the rumoured personnel changes, the studio is considering changing the way the show is distributed and doing something more like Sherlock. Sherlock currently releases feature length “specials” as opposed to a normal season. Of course, Sherlock does that because their main actors are super dupes busy, but I digress.

There are two kind of odd and possibly bright spots that would come from all of this, were it to be true. First, the rumor that Richard Madden is front runner to be the new Doctor. That’s right ladies, Robb Stark could be the Doctor. Second is that there is another front runner for the new Doctor, a female.

Now remember, none of this is confirmed! This is rumour printed by the Mirror but none of the people with the inside track have said anything. It is something interesting to think about though, isn’t it?

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Richard Madden is not Jon Snow. He played Robb Stark on Game of Thrones….

Paul Graham
Paul Graham

The amazing Courtney had a bit of a slip after taking a trip in the Tardis and entered a parallel dimension where Richard Madden got the more prominent role in Game of Thrones…

The Doctor has now fixed the timeline tangent and all is back to normal. ;)


The viewing figures aren't low, People just watch it in different ways now.