If you’ve been paying attention to the Internet over the past few months you’ll have noticed many people, particularly those on YouTube and Vine talking about something called a Hoverboard. No, don’t worry, we’re not in the future just yet, it’s essentially a handle-less segway. Anyway, they’ve become quite controversial in the UK after they were made illegal, but now London mayor Boris Johnson wants to make them legal again.

In the UK using one of these Hoverboards anywhere but in the privacy of your own home is considered illegal. It’s a bit of a contradictory law, actually, as users aren’t allowed to use them on public pathways, but are also unable to use them on roads due to road tax issues. Essentially, using them outside of anywhere but your own property could get you arrested, or at least a £500 fine.

Fortunately there’s a floppy haired blonde hero pushing to get these segways legalised again, and I’m not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about UK Mayor Boris Johnson who’s making it his mission to legalise the toy’s use based on, get this… “intergenerational fairness.”

In a column in The Telgraph, Johnson called out the laws prohibiting use of the devices, calling it “ludicrous and nannying” and adding that they’re a “new and potentially liberating form of personal mobility” which owners should be allowed to use alongside the elderly who use mobility scooters, or as Johnson called them “terrifying chariots”.

Johnson confirmed that he had consulted with Transport for London experts and they’ve agreed that the law should be changed. In fact, the whole Highway Act should be changed as it still puts a stop to pavements and pathways being used to “lead or drive any horse, ass, sheep, mule, swine, or cattle or carriage of any description” in England and Wales, though it hasn’t been amended since 1835…

Though I personally couldn’t care either way, it’s nice to see someone looking at outdated laws and looking for change.

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