Fallout 4’s Entire Map Reduced to 11 Minutes of Travel

November 10th can’t come soon enough for some Fallout fans, and those few have decided to start posting morsels of the game all over the internet. However, one Reddit user Laxcc decided to post the entire thing.

Well, the entire map at least.

In a now-deleted YouTube video (thankfully mirrored and posted by another Redditor) it’s shown that what appears to be the entirety of Fallout 4’s map can be traversed in 11 Minutes. Now, here is the link to the post containing the video, click at your own risk (obviously).

Many people who have seen the video are saying the map’s just too small, and it should have taken longer to get across, but given the density of content that’s sure to be populated with, it seems the time it takes to run over it may not be a huge deal. At any rate, the video is pretty spoiler free as far as the story goes, and shows off what seems to be a pretty sweet map.

For comparison, in 2013 IGN took just over an hour to traverse the massive GTAV map, and many say Skyrim takes 25-30 minutes to conquer on foot.

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  • TheDevian

    Yes, it doesn't really matter how 'vertical' they claim this new map is, if that map were to scale, it should have taken at least 10 times that long to 'run'. In real life, that map is roughly 12-15 square miles, but the scale in the map one person posted put the entire thing at about 1 square mile. Now if you consider that player ran from the top left corner, to the bottom near the center, if that were just over a mile, then his running speed would have been in the ~6 Mph range, give or take, on the average. Now if this map were the same scale as in real life, that would have put his run in the neighborhood of 90Mph. something that should have required a vehicle. So I am guessing it is just over a mile…
    Based on this, Bethesda's version of the Fallout game world is roughly 1/10 the size of ours, "It's a small world after all…"