Atomic Command
Atomic Command in the Pip-Boy App

One of the selling points of the Fallout 4 Pip-boy Edition is the fact that by placing your smart phone into the titular Pip-boy you emulate the in-game tool. To achieve this Bethesda said that they would be releasing an app to connect to the game to enable this clever functionality. Yesterday they released it on to Google Play, iOS app store, and as of today, the Windows Store.

After having said that it would come out at the same time as the game it was a surprise (a good one at that) that the app was released on iOS and Android without fanfare yesterday. Obviously without Fallout 4 to connect to there isn’t much you can do with the app.

Thankfully though Bethesda included a demo mode for the app, in which you have access to a level 6 character with a bunch of random loot and a few perks and you can even play one of the holotape games, “Atomic Command.” Some functionality isn’t in the demo though, such as the Radio won’t play any music and you can’t change the equipped items.

It’s quite responsive and the touch screen controls for the app work well. It may even be worth using the app even in if you weren’t lucky enough to snag a Pip-boy Edition. Even better is the fact that the app will remember your stats even once you turn off the game system, meaning you can check your stats and even play Atomic Command on the go!

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