Black Ops 3’s Dead Ops Arcade 2 Gets Leaked

It’s a bit of a shame that this was revealed so soon, as in the original Black Ops players were required to actually seek out the Dead Ops Arcade mode, but hey, for the fans of the top-down twin-stick shooter, there’s good news, it’ll be returning in Black Ops 3.

Though we already knew that the Dead Ops Arcade mode would be returning thanks to the achievements for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 releasing early, we weren’t quite sure what sort of a ride we were in for.

Fortunately All Games Beta has managed to grab some footage of the mode, and while I can’t share it specifically, a gif of some of the footage can be seen here. The mode, while looks a lot like the original Dead Ops Arcade, does come with a few new features, one of which is a first-person mode, which can be unlocked with one of the many power-ups you can collect during play.

This will throw you into a first person view for around 30 seconds before you’re tossed back into the air back to the original twin-stick shooter mechanic.

In addition to this there also seems to be a top-down rally mode which has a number of views including chase-cam. Though details are pretty thin at the moment.

Dead Ops Arcade was originally a secret easter egg level found in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Players had to break free of the chair which they were strapped in by repeatedly pressing the triggers, they could then walk freely around the room they were trapped in which included a computer which the player could type in. If the player typed in DOA or 3ARC UNLOCK they’d then get the Dead Ops Arcade mode.

Here’s hoping it’s just as difficult to find in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

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