Almost a year ago, it was announced that Borderlands was going to be making the online jump in China. Now for those of us who aren’t in China, or don’t know how to play an online game in China from wherever we are, that probably didn’t even hit your radar. I personally wondered how that was going to work, unless it was a COD-type !shoot the other team all to hell” thing… But I guess the point is moot now, since Take Two has announced that plans for Borderlands Online have been scrapped and it’s office Shanghai has been shuttered.

That particular branch of Take Two housed about 150 employees who are now looking for new position. Take Two states it didn’t seem to believe that Borderlands Online was worth the time and effort any more, saying that it “would not yield a favorable return.”

They have already stated that this closing and end of production isn’t effecting the other three offices in Asia. They have also stated that they are working with the displaced employees to hopefully help them find other opportunities within the company.

They have also stated that this will not effect the launch of Civilization Online, which will be in the Korean market and yet another one that we will have to work around in order to play, if we want to. So don’t panic, this isn’t a sign that the developer is in trouble.

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