A Brief Recap of Pacific Rim Tales of the Drift

It’s always kind of strange of how you’re reminded of things. For example, this week I was reminded of how much I enjoyed Pacific Rim. Of course, I had a little help from a little known comic titled, Pacific Rim Tales of the Drift.

For those who’ve forgotten (it was a couple of summer blockbuster seasons ago), Pacific Rim was a one of those movies that took a genre with flawed conventions and recaptured it on a much bigger, polished scale.

This one, was a fusion of the mecha anime genre and Japanese monster movies. In a sense, it’s a fusion of Western and Asian ideas, though, that’s more of an essay for a media studies student to write.

As it’s November, I can’t find much new to read as comic releases usually quietens down a bit as the beginning of the big Christmas push on graphic novels and trade paperbacks starts.

To my enjoyment, however, I found Pacific Rim Tales of the Drift on sale by Legendary film studios’ publishing arm.

The tales are set prior to the events of the film as we follow the Jaeger (a German word used for the word mecha). Tacit Ronin gets its metal backside handed to it by a Kaiju. As you know, a Jaeger is controlled by a team of two, and this duo has to be compatible, like mecha soul mates if you will. They meet up in the drift and control the mecha.

As you’d expect though, things go wrong and the wife and husband duo (the wife is Japanese and American, a similar pro-internationalism pair up from the film) remember how they meet.

Turns out the husband is a bit of a burk. A few years back she was running experiments to analyse a Kaiju and do something more than just build giant robots and punch them. until the husband cacks it all up.

I like the art for this book. It maybe a little pulpy for my taste, surely the best artwork for a project like this is manga, considering it’s points of inspiration, but I digress. As for the plot, it is a little slow but its has the potential to be quite interesting, the chance to explore this universe is a great chance since the sequel of the original movie is still a while off.

The film did introduce some weird and wonderful stock characters which do deserve the lime light more, though, this was the first comic year that I read twice. So it did something righ