Earlier this month Blizzard announced that Heroes of the Storm would be getting a new character, this character would be controlled by not just one, but two players. Yep, you and some other randomer will be in control of one character, and now he’s/they’re available to play as, right now.

Cho’Gall is a two-headed character, composed of two brothers sharing one body. So with that, Blizzard decided to make them a two-player controlled character. But before you think of it like a weird type of digital three-legged race, it’s worth noting that one player, Cho, controls movement, while the other player, Gall, can trigger the mount ability, which works as a burst of speed rather than a mount.

Each player then has their own set of abilities to choose from, each on separate timers, so both players are taking part in battle. Those who end up facing Cho’Gall however, will have a tough time, as they’re similar to a raid boss, which is exactly what they are in World of Warcraft. If you do manage to take them down, you’ll earn two kills.

This new character does feel a lot more than just a crazy new mechanic, it more feels like a physical representation of MOBAs working better when players communicate and work together. Though I doubt I’ll be taking control of either half any time soon.

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He is quite tough to face, especially with just 1 hero, but people could stand a fair shot if they match the number of players in which case it'll come down to who has better teamwork. if you really want to try him, it shouldn't be too hard as they are doing the viral giveaway so you can go on any notable forum like reddit to find HotS players who have him and are willing to team up to pass him to you (there is also in incentive for them since winning 4 games with someone who doesn't own the… Read more »