Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

Jagex Games Studio, the creative minds behind RuneScape and Block N Load have announced that Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is entering closed beta starting today.

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is set to release sometime in 2016 and is a free-to-play online strategy card game and takes inspiration from the world of RuneScape before it. Set within the pages of a magical book that brings the world of Gielinor to life before your eyes, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends offers a unique strategic twist on card games. The closed beta will let players choose from four iconic ‘Legends’ from the RuneScape world and use their crafted decks to adventure across five chapters within the world of Gielinor. Should you run into your rival on the other side of the board then your be locked in a duel for victory.

With each Legend having their own characteristics and play styles, the depth and complex strategies and tactics that are on offer to players within Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. Your also find a deep, detailed crafting system with over 270 cards available to players to collect and sort into epic desks.

[su_quote cite=”James Sweatman, lead designer, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends.”]“We are so excited to finally get Chronicle into the hands of players! The team and I are looking forward to gathering feedback from what is a truly authentic beta experience, where the players’ comments will mould the game ahead of launch next year, this is the most significant milestone yet for the game, and we are hoping it will delight RuneScape and strategy card fans alike.”

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends was shown at RuneFest to a positive response and now Jagex are now opening the game up to a large audience by running the closed beta. With a lot to offer, stunning 3D visuals and a range of gameplay options available to players to build the best desk, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends looks to be Jagex next hit.

For more information on Chronicle: RuneScape Legends or to sign up for the closed beta head over to the official website here and drive in. Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is set for a release sometime in 2016 for Pc and Mac, tablet and mobile.

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