Fans of Life is Strange and its quirky narrative-driven fellows may very well have something new on the horizon – a supernatural teen coming-of-age drama game titled Oxenfree, from independent developers Night School Studio.

Oxenfree puts players into the role of Alex, who brings her new stepbrother Jonas along to an “overnight island party” that all the seniors of their high school traditionally attend. Completely unsurprisingly things get really bad really quickly and the duo alongside their friends end up opening a “ghostly rift”, letting all sorts of scariness through.

Going by its trailers, Oxenfree looks to have a more exploratory edge to his gameplay, with the player traversing the vastness of the island, taking part in a number of sequences where they’ll have to react to a current conversation as they see fit and making use of a rather interesting mechanic involving a radio the characters find, which Alex can use to communicate with the spirits they’ve unleashed as well as manipulate the world around her.

The game sports a cute art style, a creepy atmosphere, a whole bunch of mysteries to uncover and some intriguing inspirations, including some lesser known events from World War II.

Oxenfree will be coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 in January 2016, with a more precise release date arriving soon.

Take a look at Oxenfree’s second teaser trailer in the video above.