When you think of DJI you’re probably thinking of the DJI Phantom, their range of consumer drones that allow hobbyists and professionals get into the world of drone flying and aerial photography. But the Chinese company’s latest model probably isn’t one you’ll be running to the shops for, unless you’re a farmer, of course.

DJI’s latest eight-rotor Agras MG-1 doesn’t come with a fancy camera on board, nor does it offer any fancy flashing lights, instead it’s aimed at agricultural use with the ability to spray between seven and ten acres of crops an hour, with a tank that holds 10 litres of liquid.

Agras, according to DJI is over 40 times more efficient than manual spraying as it can be done entirely automatically. Thanks to microwave radar, the Agras maintains the right distance by scanning the ground below. It also regulates and modulates the amount of spray for the correct, even coverage. It’s also designed for the working environment too with dustproofing, water resistance, and an anti-corrosive build, what’s more, it folds up into a neat little package after use.

Unsurprisingly, along with military use, agriculture is a prime area of potential growth in the drone industry due to the tech’s ability to help survey and maintain crops in real-time.

So, if the farmer’s life is for you, you can grab your own Agras for “roughly $15,000” with an initial roll-out in China and Korea first, with other markets to follow.

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