Duke Nukem 3D Genesis Port

Duke Nukem 3D has shown up on pretty much every platform imaginable, from the original DOS release to the Xbox 360, all manner of PCs, Playstation, iOS, Android phones and beyond. But there’s one particular version of the game that few have been able to try before now – the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) port.

Back in 1998, a company named Tec Toy took on the task of porting the Build engine classic for SEGA’s 16-bit console. The end product seems to resemble a space-themed Wolfenstein 3D more than it does Duke Nukem, featuring a downsized adaptation of the original game’s second episode. What makes the Genesis port particularly notable though is that it was only ever released in Brazil – that is, until now.

“Rescueware” company Piko Interactive have recently begun selling new copies of the Duke Nukem 3D Genesis port worldwide, either just as a cartridge at $39.99 or complete with updated packaging and a full colour manual in addition to the Genesis cartridge itself for $54.99.

If you’re looking for the full Duke Nukem 3D experience you’re better off getting the PC “Atomic Edition” currently available on a number of digital outlets, but if you fancy owning a strange little bit of gaming history, Duke Nukem 3D for the Sega Genesis can now be ordered from Piko Interactive’s website.

With thanks to the Duke Nukem Wiki for the image and information used in this article!

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