Ever Wanted to Date a Skeleton? In To Love a Skeleton you can!

Ever since the launch of Hatoful Boyfriend I’ve found the weird and wonderful world of dating sims ever so unsurprising, but there’s a new game on the horizon, one which has just received a demo… Sukerunton To Koi Ni aka To Love a Skeleton.

It’s a dating sim, much like any other, offering a visual novel-type story where you try and score a date with that handsome skellybob friend of yours. As you’d expect, it takes place in a high school populated by skeletons all of which you can befrend and of course, fall in love with.

How does no one see this as unusual??

Anyway, it’s not all about love as there’s something sinister going down in the high-school, and it’s nothing to do with the skeletons rattling about.

“Take caution. Something is strange about this high school and it isn’t the skeletons rattling their bones on campus. Maybe this school isn’t such a peaceful realm as it appears,” reads the description.

You can currently download the demo over on IndieDB, if that’s your sort of thing.

Ever Wanted to Date a Skeleton? In To Love a Skeleton you can! - n3rdabl3

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Check out the Kickstarter for Sukerunton To Koi Ni if you are interested!