It isn’t uncommon for a fan-favourite game to stop receiving support from it’s developers over time. But EverQuest isn’t like other fan-favourite games. No, the original EverQuest may have launched way back in 1999, and it may already have had a sequel since 2004 (not to mention the upcoming Everquest Next), but that hasn’t prevented developers Daybreak Games from supporting the original title. In fact, the game is just about to receive it’s 22nd expansion – yep, you read that right! And the best part? It’s receiving it today!

EverQuest: The Broken Mirror releases tomorrow (November 19) and is the 22nd expansion to the massively popular online fantasy title. The expansion will pit players in a battle against Anashti Sul, a “vengeful goddess whose war for power threatens all life in Norrath”.

So, what can players expect from The Broken Mirror in terms of gameplay? Well, the expansion brings four new expansion zones, as well as three revamped zones, to the classic game. It will also bring instanced, scalable versions of ‘Plane of Hate’ and ‘Plane of Fear’, which will be used for level 75 – 105 raids. On top of this, the expansion will include new quests, missions, heroic adventures and raids to complete in Norrath, as well as adding additional spells, Alternate Advancements, and “a convenient Illusion Key Ring”. You can purchase EverQuest: The Broken Mirror now, beginning at $34.99 USD, by clicking here. If you get in quick, and pre-purchase it before the expansion guys live, you can also nab yourself a sweet bonus item: the ‘Shroud of the Bokon’.

But EverQuest isn’t the only title in the popular series that has some all-new content for fans to indulge in – a brand-new expansion for EverQuest IIEverQuest II: Terrors of Thalumbra, went live yesterday. Both games receiving expansions together? Talk about brand synergy.


The expansion is set in Thalumbra, a “sprawling, subterranean realm of lost tresures and ancient horrors” located deep below Norrath. The 12th expansion for the popular online title brings to the game a new overland zone (Thalumbra), which features a new contested zone and special quests for Adventure and Tradeskill players. Players within the 20-94 level range can now partake in new scalable, level-agnostic dungeons, and the expansion also comes with raid zones, heroic dungeons and advanced solo dungeons for players who have reached level 100.

EverQuest II: Terrors of Thalumbra introduces a new new Item Infusion upgrade system, an evolved ‘Deity system’, and new best-in-slot relics to the game. The expansion is now available at a starting price of $34.99USD, via the game’s official website.

Collector’s Edition and Premium Edition bundles for both EverQuest: The Broken Mirror and EverQuest II: Terrors of Thalumbra are also available for $89.99USD and $139.99USD each, respectively. Players on special members-only progression and time-locked servers can purchase Adventure Packs for $34.99USD. All Access Members get 10% off all purchases.

The next entries into the series, EverQuest Next and Landmarks are both still in early development, but you can apply for the beta for both of the upcoming releases here.

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