Last year, UK video game retailer, GAME, surprised everyone with the launch of its very own game: Christmas Shopper Simulator. The game played upon the current trend of over-the-top bug-ridden simulators and had players navigating a shopping centre causing chaos. And there’s good news everyone, there’s a sequel!

Launching today, GAME had announced their second instalment into the Christmas Shopper Simulator series, this time with a focus on one of the biggest and most insane shopping days of the year, Black Friday. And while UK retailers are only just picking up on this post-thanksgiving phenomenon, players from across the globe can experience what it’s like, elbowing your way through a crowd to grab a bargain price Polaroid TV.

“Get prepared for this season’s most hectic task: Black Friday shopping. Embark on an epic quest to bag some bargains and wreak havoc in a new and improved shopping centre filled with shoppers, staff and maximum pointlessness!” Reads the press release from GAME.

They’re not kidding either, Christmas Shopper Simulator 2 Black Friday is incredibly daft, pointless, but most of all it’s hilarious.

Our very own Nik got the chance to get hands-on with the game early, and along with special guest Nathan, the two manage to find out what exactly goes on behind the scenes at a GAME store. Check out our video below.

If you want to try out Christmas Shopper Simulator 2 Black Friday for yourself, then head on over to the GAME website today, to check it out.

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