Polaroid Cube

Patents are stupid. Let’s be honest here. More often than not they’re vague and hardly represent the product or feature that it’s trying to patent. Unfortunately that hasn’t stopped companies from being issued these vague patents and then kicking up a fuss whenever something remotely similar to their cryptic patent is released into the world.

On that note let’s move onto the latest Patent drama between C&A Marketing Inc. the company that produces the Polaroid Cube, and GoPro, the company behind the Hero4 Session camera.

It seems C&A Marketing Inc. are a little annoyed with GoPro as their small cube-like Hero4 Session looks an awful lot like the Polaroid Cube. It’s cube shaped, has rounded edges, and that’s about it. The technology used is completely different and the Hero4 Session shoots much higher quality imagery. Sadly, C&A Marketing Inc. think GoPro has stolen their design idea.

Though considerably different in size, the two cameras share a similar design, that’s hard not to see. But the main problem here is C&A’s vague patent which reads:

[su_quote style=”default”] The ornamental design for a cubic action camera, as shown and described:

Followed by seven pictures of the Polaroid Cube.

Yep. It’s really that bad.

So now a jury will have to decide whether those twelve vague words are enough to give C&A the damages they hope to receive, or whether it just gets tossed out because, let’s face it, C&A could pretty much file a suit against anyone who’s released something which remotely resembles a cube.

This is just another example of patents being pretty unruly and out dated. No wonder companies are pushing for change.

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