Spider Verse 2

I’m excited, I really am. For those that don’t know, there are two things I enjoy in comics; One is weird Spider-man stories; The second thing is alternate timelines and parallel universes. So cue my excitement for the Spider-verse.

I’m proud to say how much I enjoyed the big Spider-verse event from last year, and that’s probably the main reason why I’m excited for the new on-goings to come out of Marvel’s latest exercise in boosting sales numbers.  You know, the title-wide re-launch which puts new heroes in different and fresh situations.

For example, Spider-man a millionaire? Read more and find out. The Thing of The Fantastic Four read more and find out. Tony Stark doesn’t have a beard? Read more and find out.

Who are the Web Warriors? Well, we have Spider-UK, the British Spider-man, who was a member of the Captain Britain Corps. The Captain Britain Corps, is a massive collection of super-heroes from different universes who are an off-shoot of Captain Britain.

We also have Spider-man Noir. Spider-man’s brooding superhero counterpart from the 1930s. Check out his animated appearance in the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon. His bit was pretty rad.

There’s also Marvel’s new favourite daughter, Spider-Gwen. Gwen Stacy from a parallel world where she was bitten by the spider and not Peter Parker. Can she get through the year without having her on-going series re-launched?

Then, Spider-man India. Created by an Indian creative team, Spider-man India follows the Spider-man story set in India. The gifted smart guy of the team. It’s weird, because this guy’s story was left on a cliff-hanger which I don’t think was picked up.

Let’s not forget Spider-Ham, a humorous back-up story about a spider that was bitten by a radioactive pig. Imagine Loony Tunes head-butting an old school Marvel comic. Then boom. You now understand Spider-Ham.

Last but not least, Spider-Girl. The Latino hero from Earth 616. Originally she was known as Arana and has an origin built around to ancient societies battling against each other. The Wasp VS. The Spiders. She now has the powers of Spider-man after Spider-Island, a story which saw New York getting spider powers.

This ragtag team have been webbed together to fill the gap in the multiverse and look after the worlds that lost their Spider-mans in the Spider-verse? Will it work? Will it last? I’d sure hope so. Please don’t get replaced or re-launched as an Avenger book.

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