LEGO is incredibly fun to play with, and as many will know, it’s also incredibly painful to stand on. It’s a well known fact that standing on a 4×2 LEGO brick is the same amount of pain you’d feel stepping on an exposed nail. But that might not be a thing for too long, as LEGO has just solved the biggest problem with LEGO.

Ad agency Brand Station has worked with the plastic brick making company to release something magical this Christmas, a pair of slippers with comfy thick soles so no LEGO brick will ever cause you pain again.

This limited edition run of LEGO branded square slippers look more awkward than anything, but trying to navigate around the house with blockly slippers is better than accidentally standing on a LEGO brick in the dead of night right?

Unfortunately due to their limited nature, there’s currently only 1,500 pairs of them, and they’re only being given away to lucky customers who create a wish list on the LEGO France website.

So if you live outside of France, you’re out of luck. Instead I suggest you invest in some steel toed builders boots which may be enough to withstand the pain of stepping on a stray LEGO brick.

Only a brave person would attempt this, even with LEGO slippers.
Only a brave person would attempt this, even with LEGO slippers.

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