Mobile Advertising Spend in the UK Hits an All-time High

Despite the increased use of ad blocking software and even Apple themselves rolling out ad blocking capabilities in the latest version of its OS, 2015 has seen huge digital growth in terms of digital marketing with the UK market now worth £3.975 billion.

In a report compiled by IAB and PwC, the H1 result shows a massive increase of £498 million year-on-year. The report is comprised of both online, mobile and tablet spend, submitted by 77 participants, offering insight on the current UK digital market.

In amongst those results is a pretty interesting metric for mobile, as its market share has increased exponentially from 22 per cent in 2014 to 27.1 per cent in H1 2015. Though it may not seem much in comparison, what this does show is that mobile advertising spend is growing rapidly as 2012 only saw 9.7 per cent of the market share.

More impressively is that Adspend on mobile increased 51% to £1.08 billion.

Mobile Advertising Spend in the UK Hits an All-time High - n3rdabl3

Elsewhere, outstream video advertising was measured as a separate category for the first time, for good reason too, as the category saw an estimated £32 million, giving it 11 per cent of the overall total video market., a global monetisation for publishers, and the inventors of outstream video, had this to say:

[su_quote style=”default”]As the inventors of outstream video, we’re extremely proud that it’s been recognised as a distinct category and that it’s representing such a significant part of the market. Proof, if ever it was needed, that outstream is now mainstream.


Despite the rise in ad blocking, the digital advertising industry could never be stronger and according to forecasts for 2015 are predicting +6 per cent rise.