Phone cases have become a necessity ever since phones began to cross the £500 mark, which in this day and age is almost every phone. It won’t take you long to find a case for your device as the Internet is awash with cases in all shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns. But none of them are quite like the Native Union CLIC 360 for iPhone 6/6S.

I’ve always looked for cases based on appearance and feel, rather than actual protection, which seems daft considering the reason we purchase phone cases are to protect our smartphones, but alas, that had certainly been the case before now – heh, get it?

Having recently purchased an iPhone 6S with its new 3D Touch display, I’ve quickly come to terms with the idea of keeping it incredibly safe due to the new screen technology making at-home repairs a lot more difficult. In comes the CLIC 360, named because it essentially covers all 360 degrees of the device, but at the same time doesn’t feel like you have your phone encased in a plastic box.

It doesn’t even look bulky.

Now as with most Native Union cases, they’ve been put to the test and haven’t just been made to look pretty. They’re designed to not only look good, but also to protect your device from any accidental drops, and if you’re looking for a case to do just that, this is certainly the one.

So let’s talk about the aesthetics. Much like every other Native Union phone case, the back of device features a section of unique material, in this case it’s custom-made waxed canvas. At first it felt a little stiff, but after a good few weeks of wear the fabric has actually settled in and feels a lot like a good pair of jeans. It’s actually a pleasure to hold just on this alone.

After a few weeks of use I have found that the edges of the canvas have started to fray ever so slightly, but for me it just adds to the wear and gives the device character. Hell, even the little leather “Native Union” patch at the bottom has started to age slightly, which is lovely.

It just gets better with age.

The case itself is made from “double injected” rubber and fully covers the device offering a bumper around the screen protecting it the best it can from any face-first drops. That’s not all though, the whole case is then backed with Native Union’s “3D Mesh Protection” which at first looks a lot like the sole of shoe. Sadly this part is constantly covered by your device, but it’s there waiting to absorb and disperse any shock from impact away from the device.

Apparently Native Union claim the case has exceeded military drop testing MIL-STD_810 which sounds fantastic on paper, but unfortunately means little to the average consumer, and upon doing research Native Union doesn’t actually specify the tests taken to determine its certification, which sadly leaves this rather impressive certification a little redundant at this point.

That being said, the case offers a feeling of safety with your device allowing you to be a little more rough with your device rather than walking around like you’ve got a new-born baby in your pocket. That’s not to say that you can throw your phone down the stairs with the CLIC 360, but there’s every possibility it may survive a fall if you did accidentally drop it.

It honestly looks and feels like the bottom of a Vans shoe.

As for whether it really does protect the device, unfortunately I’m in no position to do drop tests with the case, but what I can say is that of the few very minor falls the device has had while using the case, it’s come away without a scratch.

Because the CLIC 360 is such a robust case, the case does actually cover the entirety of the back of your device other than the camera (which again, the case will protect against any knocks), which may be a deal breaker if you’re hoping to show off your new rose gold iPhone. If however you’re looking for protection, I’d whole heartedly recommend the CLIC 360.

It is a little steeply priced for a phone case at £34.99, but that’s a very little price to pay compared to the amount it’d cost to repair your 3D Touch display.

You can grab the CLIC 360 over on Native Union’s own website.

The 360 case protects the screen from hitting surfaces directly.

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