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Nidhogg stabs its way into Divekick

Divekick, Roll-stab.

Remarkable indie games Nidhogg and Divekick may have been forgotten about amid their time since release – and amidst heavy hitting recent releases like of Fallout 4 and Call of Duty – but they are teaming up for something awesome in a Divekick update.

Developer Iron Galaxy has already launched the game’s final update titled Divekick Addition Edition+, added the sword wielding warrior from Nidhogg to its roster of fighters. It appears as though the fighter could be a bit OP however, as it can not only perform the necessary diving and kicking, but also evasive roll moves in conjunction with using its sword to stab and throw.

The update also has various bug fixes, character updates, and balancing tweaks.

In addition to this edition of the update featuring a new character, it’s price has also been permanently slashed to $4.99, just 50 percent of its original price.

The update is available for Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Playstation 3, Xbox One, and PC.

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