Nintendo is Finally Selling Standalone Wii U Gamepads… In Japan.

Looking to grab yourself an additional Wii U Gamepad? Well good news, grab yourself a ticket to Japan as Nintendo has finally started selling standalone Gamepads in its home country.

Koktaku is reporting that Nintendo Japan has confirmed that the Gamepad can be purchased separately from the console for 12,800 Yen, that’s around £70. Unfortunately there’s no word on its standalone availability in other regions.

Nintendo announced around the launch of the Wii U that the console would support upto two Gamepads, however that functionality hasn’t come into fruition, considering games have to be developed to make the most of that functionality. That would explain why Nintendo is yet to sell the Gamepad outside of the console bundles until now.

However, Nintendo has since revealed that the functionality will likely never arrive as there’s currently no games that support twin-Gamepads, and the need to purchase an additional controller is minimal. The console currently only supports one Gamepad at once.

This release is likely for those who wish to replace old or damaged Gamepad controllers, rather than to have an additional controller for an extra player.