Evil comes in all forms… In Noct, the evil is an ancient one. An apocalypse brought on to eradicate mankind and sink the world into total darkness, a darkness that hides the mutated monstrosities that are on a sweep up operation to pick off the remaining survivors.

Noct, while not having an entirely unique concept, does have a relatively fresh outlook on the survival horror genre. Yes, it has you scraping ruins for food and ammunition so you can survive the bleak, night-shawled environment that you’ll be traversing, looking for safety and supplies, but using a top-down, twin-stick method of gameplay along with an aesthetic that gives the idea that you’re being guided by a stranger with the use of a night-vision equipped UAV drone, makes Noct feel genuinely different from other games cut from the same cloth.

Your view of your survivor(s) is in a beautiful monochrome, showing the outlines of your surroundings and picking up heat signatures of useful pickups like weaponry, food and ammo… It also picks up some of the most terrifying, Lovecraftian beasties that will be trying to chomp your face off as you make your way through dilapidated towns, thick forests and down damaged highways in search of help. Help that may come with a high price…

Noct_-_Screen_2.0.0Noct is also a multiplayer game, allowing you to team up with other players to make your journey less dangerous. Saying that, it may just be that your new-found friends are a bit short on survival gear and decide to pop you in the back of the head while they tell you to look at the pretty flowers. This adds an extra layer of tension to the already diabolical mix. You’ll be wary of any company, no matter how many slithering nightmares they help you splatter on the way.

Still in Early Access Beta, You can pick up Noct for £6.99 in a mostly complete state. The developers, C3SK are currently polishing the game, making imminent release a certainty in the near future.

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