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It’s not really a shock is it? That Fox have decided to cancel the sequel to The Fantastic Four movie? I mean it was just about as a likely as a sequel to that Green Lantern movie that came out.

So if you cast your mind back to August when Fox dumped its latest cinematic middle finger to Marvel studios. Since if Fox are going to keep the rights to the Fantastic Four and X-men, they have to keep making movies every couple of years, or the rights go back to Marvel and they’ll make a whole lot of money on it.

Just like Sony was doing with Spider-man, until The Amazing Spider-man franchise really didn’t make the megabucks that they wanted and Marvel got joint custody back.

The cinematic history of the Fantastic Four hasn’t been great. Their first live action cinematic outing was a rushed project not even intended for release and was only produced to keep hold of the rights that Fox had scored. Then we all remember the solid swing and misses of the mid-2000s movies.

That leads us onto strike 3. Josh Trank, the director of Chronicle was tipped to be the next big superhero/geek movie director until the negative press swirled across about the production.

Difficulty arose with the studios and general unhappiness on set tipped everyone off to a cinematic wet fart. When Trank even tweeted ahead of the release that he was disowning the project. It was clear, this was going to be a superhero movie for the hall of badness.

With bad box office receipts, the future of the franchise is unclear but it’s one thing for sure, there will be no sequel. Disappointing but it does prove one thing, dark and gritty is no longer to the go to theme for superhero movies.

Though I’m not shocked that a sequel was planned. Did you know that two Batman sequels were green lighted even before Batman and Robin came out? There were plans for a Green Lantern 2 and a Spider-man 4.

Looks like Marvel may finally get its toys back at las

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