One Piece Burning Blood New Characters #5

It looks like the One Piece franchise is looking to expand into all kinds of action game genres – we’ve had the successful One Piece: Pirate Warriors series which applied the stretchy arms and unique art style of the venerable anime series to the Musou/Dynasty Warriors gameplay style, and now we’ve got One Piece: Burning Blood setting sail to arrive next year, which will allow players to pit their favourite characters in 3 vs. 3 brawls  anyone who’s played J-Stars Victory VS will be immediately familiar with.

Speaking of Burning Blood’s characters, Bandai Namco have announced a bunch of new playable characters for the upcoming PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One title, including X Drake, Franky, Roronoa Zoro, and Aokiji.

OP Burning Blood New Characters #1One Piece Burning Blood New Characters #2OP Burning Blood New Characters #3OP Burning Blood New Characters #4Based on these screenshots, colour me intrigued by the fights this game will allow you to have – any game where you can pit a metal barrel man with huge arms against another gent with the power to transform into a Theropoda has got to provide at least some entertainment!

One Piece: Burning Blood is scheduled for release for PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One in North America and Latin America in 2016, seemingly with no specific European release date announced as of yet.

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